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‘Thrift Hunters’ shout ‘Viva Las Vintage’ on Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Thrift Hunters,” Bryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith take viewers on a journey to see just how cheaply they can buy stuff and then resell it at a profit on this episode titled, “Viva Las Vintage.”

Thrift Hunters Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman from Spike-TV
Spike TV

As the episode opens, the guys are in Vegas having a ball at the numerous thrift and second-hand shops. They start their day at Savers on a day when everything is half-off. The place is mobbed, but they are not scared. Jason loves tee shirts and goes for the classics. He spent $44.29 he hopes for $200. Bryan spent $69.72 and expects $500.

Next, the stopped at a garage sale. It was very organized, Jason purchased lingerie and when he asked the price, the woman could not stop laughing. He spent $17 and hopes to make $80.

Their next stop was an animal rescue place that was having a warehouse sale/fundraiser. They know that people with an affinity for the cause will be extra generous, and there can be some real treasures here. Bryan found a bag with Route 66 on the outside, and inside the bag was more material just like the bag. He spent $14 he projects to $200. Jason spent only $8.50 he expects to become $175.

At the Charleston Antique Mall, is a challenge because many times the vendor is not available for the item you want. Bryan found a multi-colored brain, but Jason, who loves Hawaii found a multi-colored striped shirt from the Hilton Hawaiian Village, that was probably a bellhop uniform shirt. Bryan spent $48.65 he expects to become $200 and Jason spent $48.65 too and hopes for the same amount.

At Vintage Vegas Antique Mall Bryan found old film that was still sealed, and flash cubes. Jason found an old typewriter for $75, but hoped to get a better price and he got 10% off, so he spent $88 and is hoping for $250. Bryan spent $25 hoping for $75.

Back at the shop, they researched their items and photographed them and even made a video. So Jason’s total spent was $252.84, he projects a profit of $950 and Bryan spent $186 and hopes for a profit of $1010.06 on this episode of “Thrift Hunters.”

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