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‘Thrift Hunters’ hear ‘Name Your Price’ in Phoenix on Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Thrift Hunters,” modern-day treasure hunters, Bryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith take viewers on a journey to see just how cheaply they can buy stuff and then resell it at a profit on this episode titled, “Name Your Price.”

Thrift Hunters Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman from Spike-TV
Spike TV

As the episode opens, the guys are in Arizona looking for desert deals that are as hot as the weather. First stop is the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. There are several of these across the country, and the guys just love them. Bryan found a Harley banner that he had to have. Jason said if he saw it first, he’d have gotten it. Jason spent $277.35 and projected it to be $750 and Bryan spent $64.41, and he expects to turn it into $240.

Driving down a street, they spot a community garage sale, that is like an outdoor antique mall. Bryan spent $11.50/$120 and Jason spent $24/$180.

Next stop was Zinnias at Melrose, another mall with lots of bargains. Bryan tells viewers that it is not always what he likes, but what buyers like, when he is shopping. When Jason picked up an Alice in Wonderland poster, he was about to buy, Bryan called him over to see a John Lennon doll. When he turned around, the poster was gone, and somebody else was buying it, but in the stare-down contest, Jason won and got his poster. He spent $79.38/$270 and Bryan spent $100/$300.

As they rush to the next place, they had to satisfy their thrifting fix. The place had too many kids for Jason’s liking, but Bryan did not mind at all. Jason spent $33.34/$150, and Bryan spent $36.72/$250.

Next stop was a Lutheran Thrift Shop in Sun City. The place was filled with elderly workers and shoppers, and Jason felt that Bryan started looking young to him. Jason found an animatronic cat for $8 that could score him $50, in total he spent $56/$150 and Bryan spent $7.50/$60.

Back on the road, they then stopped at Antique Sugar, a vintage clothing store. As Bryan headed to the check-out, he spotted a box with embroidered name badges for $2 apiece. Bryan offered to buy the entire box, but the woman was reluctant to give him a price, finally his $50 bill persuades her, and he hopes to turn it into $500. Jason spent $95.86/$280.

Back in Las Vegas, the guys listed their finds and researched others. The Alice in Wonderland looked like a bust, as there were several listed for $25, and not selling. When Bryan counted the name badges, there were 701 of them. They expected maybe 100, but 701 was amazing. They started taking pictures of the items and videos of those that moved or made sounds. Jason sold his $1 Garfield Pieces figurine for $25 and the Hawaiian Elks shirt he paid $12 sold for $39.78. Bryan sold his $29.99 Miller Lite/Harley banner for $100.

Bryan spent a total of $575 and with sales he already made, and projected sales of the rest, he should make a profit of $2,200.05. Jason spent $270 and sold some things immediately; the rest should give him a nice profit of $1,800 on this episode of “Thrift Hunters.”

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