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‘Thrift Hunters’ get a ‘Craft Dinner’ in Las Vegas on Spike TV

Thrift Hunters Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman from Spike-TV
Thrift Hunters Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman from Spike-TV
Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Thrift Hunters,” with modern-day treasure hunters, Bryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith, viewers are taken on a journey to see just how cheaply they can buy stuff and then resell it at a profit on this episode titled, “Craft Dinner.”

As the episode opens, the guys are near their home of Las Vegas, thrifting in Boulder City, Nev. In Antique Depot, they find the quality is high and the prices are too. Jason knows that much of the stuff has been there for a long time because they do not budge on the prices. As Jason finds items worth $45, he and Bryan get the girl to agree to $35. Jason spent $40 and expects to turn it into $100. Bryan spent $10, and hopes to make it $45.

Back t Vegas, they stopped at a giant thrift shop where Jason found lots of his favorite tee shirts and lots of other great buys Bryan spent $68.10/$500 and Jason spent $123.13/$640. At a garage sale, Bryan found a Dark Tower game for $5/$200. Jason found boxes of CDs that he wanted to make a deal for the entire lot. There are 750 of them, and he wants them for $1 each. The woman goes inside to check with her husband and when she comes out, it is a deal and Jason is thrilled to spend $750/$3,750 for them all.

Next stop was Antique Mall of America. Here the guys found great items. Bryan spent $35.68/$120 and Jason spent $136.32/$455.

At the subsequent giant thrift shop, they continued their hot streak. Jason found a shirt that said; Guilty or Not, OJ Is Still My Hero, and just had to buy it. When they found crafting kits, they called their friend Cindy, who was only two blocks away. She will know whether they should spend or forget these items. When she saw them, she was thrilled because she told them that many of the mom & pop shops that used to sell these, has been long gone. Online, these kits sell for big bucks and Cindy was sorry she saw them and wanted them for herself. The guys promised to take her out to dinner, and she let them go. Bryan spent $120.56/$750, and Jason spent $106.82/$600.

Back at the office, they did their listing and investigating and put the stuff up as quickly as possible, because the loser has to take the winner and Cindy out to dinner. However, Jason does not remember the winner being part of the deal.

Jason’s CDs started selling immediately, and Bryan’s Dark Tower $5 game sold for $166.18 and a crafting kit he started at $1.99 sold for $117.50.

In the end, Jason spent $1,156.27 and projects to make a profit of $4,443.73, while Bryan spent $240.15, but he expects to make $1859.85 on this episode of “Thrift Hunters.”

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