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‘Thrift Hunters’ find ‘Black Velvet if You Please’ on Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Thrift Hunters,” Bryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith take viewers on a journey to see just how cheaply they can buy stuff and then resell it at a profit.

Thrift Hunters Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman from Spike-TV
Spike TV

As the episode opens, the guys in Arizona and are looking wherever they can find bargains and sure enough, they found an estate sale before going to a few thrift malls. Bryan said to check online before going to an estate sale, if pictures are posted, it can determine if it is worth your time. He found Tony Lama boots he hoped to get at a reasonable price. The place is small and crowded, and as one lady shadows Jason, he recognizes her as another online seller. Bryan spent $76; he hopes to turn into $400. Jason spent $39.24 he hopes to turn into $110.

Next stop, Eve’s Treasures on the outskirts of Phoenix. Jason looked at a leather purse, but put it down. The golden rule of thrifting is; once you put it down, it is fair game for the next person. So Bryan picked it up and liked what he saw and then another marked Longchamp, a high end purse from France. The place even had a wheel to spin for an extra discount. Bryan spent $35 he hopes to turn into $200. Jason spent $11.25 and hopes for $100.

Next door was Give Hope Thrift Shop; Jason found eighteen Boy Scout coffee mugs that he never saw before. He spent $57 he hopes to turn into $400. Bryan spent $7, and he will be happy to see it become $30. Before Jason left the shop, he noticed a velvet painting marked $350, the manager gave it to him for half price, and it will look awesome in his tiki bar.

Next stop was Apache Junction and the guys both found stuff they really liked. Bryan found a Leroy Neiman poster of Howard Stern, he haggled and got it for $38, he spent $56 hoping to make it $200. Jason spent $36.58 hoping for $120.

Next, at Epic Thrift, it was $1 green ticket sale day, and they hoped to find epic deals. Unfortunately, sale day means family day, and there were kids running all over the place. Jason spent $71.35 he hoped to see become $375, and Bryan spent $32 and hoped for $150.

At the Antique Trove in Scottsdale, the place was filled to the brim with deals. As Jason got to the counter, he wanted a better deal on his tiki mug. The girl behind the counter called the seller and she would not budge, then when Bryan had an offer for Disney bicycle safety posters from the 1960s, it was the same vendor, but he got a deal. Jason spent $75.71 hoping for $350 and Bryan spent 138 expecting $1,000 for his return.

Next, the guys returned to Las Vegas to post their treasures and check on their current auctions. Jason’s $3 Longchamp purse sold for $70, and only one poster Bryan got for $100 sold for exactly $100, leaving him with seven more; all profit. Jason spent $466 and expects a profit of $1,600. Bryan spent 347.50 and hopes for a profit of $1,646.50 on this episode of “Thrift Hunters.”

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