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‘Thrift Hunters’ are in ‘A Georgian Estate of Mind’ on Spike TV

On tonight’s episode of “Thrift Hunters,” Bryan Goodman and Jason T. Smith take viewers on a journey to see just how cheaply they can buy stuff and then resell it at a profit on this episode titled, “A Georgian Estate of Mind.”

Thrift Hunters Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman from Spike-TV
Spike TV

As the episode opens, the guys are in Georgia again, because Georgia has lots of history, and history means good stuff. They are headed to the Cobb Antique Mall, and they are not in Vegas anymore. There are tons of antiques, and Jason found a Harley shirt that he immediately grabbed along with tiki stuff and a few more things totaling $103; he hopes to get $300. Bryan spent $16 he hopes to turn into $85.

The next stop was Value Village, a massive thrift store with donations coming in all the time. Bryan always looks for the oddities that may have been sitting there for a while. He found a plush bear with the CNN logo, and knows it will sell, being in the heart of CNN country; he also found a CNN Field Crew jacket for $11. Shockingly, Bryan bought more than Jason in this second-hand palace. Jason spent $50.41/$300 and Bryan spent $54/$500.

Next the guys went to an estate sale in Decatur. Bryan found Russian nesting dolls, and Jason found a funny-looking piece of dryer vent pipe on a stand that someone added an electric cord. When plugged in, the thing does a sort of dance like a worm. Jason spent $67.50/$500 and Bryan spent $75/$400. They found another huge thrift store and started the hunt. Bryan loves the fact that Jason tries stuff on, especially hats. Bryan spent $31/$250 and Jason spent $56.61/$300. After they left, they found Kudzu’s Famous Home Stores, another antique mall, but the prices were out of their league. They did manage to eke out a few gems and Bryan spent $44/$90 and Jason spent $78/$200.

Their plane arrived in Vegas, and right to the workshop to take photos, videos and list their finds. The dryer vent was an Executive Toy for people who have nothing else to do with their money and like to have oddities on their desks as a conversation piece. Bryan was intrigued by the Russian nesting dolls and sent a picture to his friend Sandy. She told him that in Moscow, they can be gotten for eight to ten dollars anytime, and Bryan was asking $100 for them and surprised Sandy when he got $113.61.

Bryan spent a total of $220 and with sales he already made, and projected sales of the rest, he should make a profit of $1,100. Jason spent $350 and sold some things immediately; the rest should give him a nice profit of $1,202 on this episode of “Thrift Hunters.”

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