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Three young children under seven years old caught on video abusing puppy

Animal Services have asked Thurston County prosecutors to investigate the case.

In Lacey, Wash., Brandi Luckey is a hero for helping to save a seven-week-old German shepherd mix puppy weighing nine pounds from abusive behavior by seven-year-old sisters and their little brother - barely three-years-old reported

For days, Luckey, the neighbor of the children, had helplessly watched the horrible scene of abuse towards the innocent puppy. The children were reported to have kicked the little pup named Bella, hit her with a broom, step on her head and neck, and even throw her across the yard. The mother of the children was supposedly in the house.

Luckey took action by calling CrimeStoppers and Animal Services as her boyfriend caught the egregious treatment by these monstrous children on camera. Animal Control officers stated it was one of the worst cases of animal abuse they had ever seen by children so young.

The video is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

Click here to watch.

Animal Services removed the puppy from the home after viewing the video. Bella was taken to a vet for an examination and x-rayed. At this point, the Olympian veterinarian says the puppy is limping, but is expected to recover. The puppy will remain in the custody of Animal Control who has asked Thurston County prosecutors to investigate and possibly charge the mother of the children.

Authorities are hoping other people will be as brave as Brandi Luckey and report all suspicions of animal abuse and cruelty.

Get well soon Bella.

On May 3, three students at a Paterson, N.J. elementary school, all under ten years of age, were charged with animal cruelty in the alleged torture of a neighborhood cat named Quattro. The three boys threw stones, bricks, and sticks at the cat, until two teenagers interrupted the egregious abuse and tried to save the cat. A local rescue rushed Quattro to an emergency veterinarian hospital, but the cat died a few days later from severe injuries.

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The children aged 6, 10, and 12, have since been charged with animal cruelty. Read more about the story by clicking here.

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