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Three-year-old dies after setting mattress on fire in Chicago

A 3-year-old in Chicago, Ill. has died after lighting a mattress on fire. According to a video report by GeoBeats, the young girl had been quietly playing in her bedroom -- the problem is that she wasn't playing with her usual toys. She was either playing with matches or a lighter and she ignited her mattress. Her twin sister was also in the room and quickly ran to get their mom.

The mother rushed into the room and tried to throw the burning mattress out the window but that backfired. The cold air caused the fire to rage even more. It took about 40 minutes to put the fire out but it was too late for the toddler who was found dead inside the bedroom. Her mother believes that her daughter hid in the closet to get away from the fire.

Firefighters confirmed that there were not any working smoke detectors in the home. More on this story in the video above.

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