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Three year old artist helps with Easter Egg Banner

Three year old Ayla Angeles helps the director of, The Art Kids of San Diego County," paint an Easter Banner.
Michele Jurado, Photographer

April 16, 2014 Imperial Beach, CA

Three year old Ayla Angeles is helping paint a banner with the Director of, "The Art Kids of San Diego County. Her job is to paint the grass on the banner and she is doing a great job. Alya has been painting since she was two years old and loves mixing the paint and then applying it on the canvas.

She is extremely intelligent and loves to paint. She likes doing it her own way as she knows what she likes. Being three is just the right age for most kids to begin painting. They are at a time in their life where they love colors and are using them in their daily activities. Most parents do not understand the process and expect great things from their children. The most important element is allowing them to express themselves with the brush and paint.

It doesn't matter if they can't copy something what is important is that they are learning colors and expression. Praise is also extremely important as encouragement goes a long way for a young child. When a older person expresses how good it looks or what a great job they did then the child continues the exploration of color and expression.

I have been teaching three year old artists now for over 10 years and encouraging them is the only way I teach. Some of my older students have been with me since they were three and they are incredible today in the artist realm. One of my students who has been with me since the age of nine and is now 18. She is having her painting coming out on the cover of an art book. Not bad for an 18 year old. By the way her paintings now sell for $3,000 to $5,000.

If a child shows interest in art it does matter what type it is, it just matters that they are interested. One never knows what will happen if we encourage them in their interest. Ayla shows me her desire to paint and so we paint together and I tell her how great she is doing. The mind of a child grows with positive reinforcement and blossoms like the flower in a well watered meadow.

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