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Three ways you can help the Gulf Coast in less than five minutes

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil well may be capped, but now the real work begins.  It's not possible for most of us to stop what we're doing and rush down to the Gulf Coast to help with the clean-up.  But in just a few minutes, with the help of a computer, you can make a difference.

Endangered Gulf Coast Pelicans at Raccoon Island, Louisiana
Mario Tama/Getty Images

"Fragile Day" is the first environmental song written by Scott Blum, which talks about how birds' migration patterns are impacted because of global warming, how fish are dying because of an oil spill and how we need to come together and get involved so we as the human race can collectively fix the damage that we have done. The song is performed by a new band called Wilderland which includes singers Scott Blum and  Kat Sanchez.

I. There will be two versions of the song released digitally on iTunes for $0.99 each, and 100 percent of the proceeds received from the sale of this song will benefit three important charities:

  1. Gulf Restoration Network
  2. WILD Foundation
  3. EarthShare

For more information on Scott Blum and how you can help, check out "Listen to Music, Help the Gulf" on Care2's website.  And you can download the song at

II. The Gulf marshes, are being smothered by the oil spill. These marshes are wildlife nurseries which also protect the Gulf coast and its people from storm surges from hurricanes.  Gulf Saver Bags are packages of native marsh grasses, nutrients and microorganisms that help restore wetlands.  For a donation of $25, you can help save the coastal wetlands. To make a donation, click on this link.

III. And if you want to see congressional action on investing in cleaner energy sources and providing effective relief and accountability for the Gulf Coast oil spill, you can join thousands of Christians across the country who are pledging to change their energy use and consume less. Sojourners has an online campaign petition, which only takes a minute to complete, which will be sent to your Senators and Congressmen.  Simply click on this link to take action.

It's human nature to want to help those in need, and there are many other ways you can help. It's simple and easy with the help of computers and the internet.

For more petitions and information on the BP oil spill, check out Care2's website.

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