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Three ways to reignite your passion and get your dreams into action this year

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It’s the New Year and traditionally we make resolutions that we seldom keep. Some of us like to run through our coveted self-deprecating laundry list of all the aspirations and dreams we've had and account for all of the reasons we didn't achieve them. And for a plethora of ignored causes, sometimes we lose the fire and drive needed to have an overall peaceful and productive life. The following are three ways to overcome some of those obstacles to get you sparked and back into action:

1. Write or re-write your vision and set attainable goals:

Having a written plan and a blueprint helps you see the big picture and your desired outcome. It keeps you focused, on track and gives you a sense of accomplishment every time you achieve a task. Also try giving yourself equal amount of praise, whether the task is large or small; if you complete one thing, allow yourself to feel good about it, don’t freak out. However, some days warrant that, there may be days where that is all you can do and sometimes days where you just didn't make the cut. Just pull yourself together and pick up the plan the next day. Every action counts; large or small and be happy about every “little” accomplishment. For larger or more complicated tasks, to avoid getting overwhelmed and having a complete meltdown, break them into manageable pieces, even if it’s only in your mind and mentally reward yourself as you move through it. If you can, find at least one person who will encourage you and not judge you. And by all means, at all times, be your own cheerleader and if you must go it alone, again praise yourself and keep your process sacred. Stay away from the negative opinions of others; negative people do not deserve to know the method to your madness. You got this covered; let the outcome speak for itself!

2. Re-assess how you spend your time at work and home:

Sometimes we can get into a routine and/or a rut, that will have us oblivious to the fact that we are creating stress related issues that cause us to have, not only health issues, but an imbalance in our lives, which may manifest itself as a loss of passion for doing the things we love and enjoy. If this happens to you, take a really close look at what you can change in your routine to get out of that rut and get unstuck. At home, include more time for “YOU”. Make time for simple things that bring you joy, peace, fun and relaxation. And if you’re in a job environment where other people are involved in the imbalance of your work, if you can without getting fired, find ways to work smarter, by empowering others to do some of the tasks you somehow unconsciously inherited from them. At home, if you don’t live alone, have a house meeting and discuss what needs to change, what responsibilities can be re-assigned or in some cases, go ahead and unapologetically give them back to whom they really belong to, without guilt or reservation.

3. Let go of or “relocate” anything or anyone not serving as a source of positive energy for you:

So what does this mean? Probably anything you need it to mean to make it work for you, as long as it does not result in physical harm to anyone. It could mean, releasing your mind of any and all guilt for not practicing the previous points above. Sometimes letting go means ending an unhealthy relationship that doesn't afford you the space to be your best. And when I use the term “relocate”, I’m primarily speaking of family or friends who you choose not to completely cut out of your life, but you move them into an emotional space in your mind and heart that doesn't interfere with your progress and your ability to live a vibrant and less stressful life. It does not mean you don’t love them, but as a friend said to me recently, “folks have to deserve your attention”. Pay attention to how you’re expending your energy. In the end, it’s your life to live and it’s entirely up to you to live it well. Make this your year to reignite your passion and move into action to live a happier life and realize your dreams!

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