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Three ways to not chase readers from your blog

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Blogging has become one of the most powerful tools available to writers today, regardless of your skill or success level. Blogs enable us to work on our craft, share our thoughts, market our words, and connect with readers. It's hard to find any serious writer who doesn't have a blog.

We all know how difficult it can be to drive traffic to our blogs. So once you've got a reader there, you don't want to chase him away. With that thought in mind, here are three things you probably don't want to do on your blog:

  • Use a light font on a dark background - This sounds good in theory, and it looks cool... until you try to read it. I recently came across a blog that had a dark purple background and light pink text. It was so obnoxious and so hard on my eyes that I could barely read one paragraph without squinting. I hit the Back button so fast I almost sprained my finger. Don't let this happen to you.
  • Blare music - Have you ever clicked on a link and gone to a blog that immediately began blasting music? It doesn't matter how pretty or cool the music is. It's a shock to navigate from a silent page to one that's screaming at you. Not only that, but a lot of people, myself included, listen to music while they work. When your music clashes with my music, one of them's going to lose. And it's probably going to be your music.
  • Set videos for auto-play - This goes hand-in-hand with the blaring music issue. It's disconcerting to hear people talking to you, especially when the video is below what you can see on the screen. Yes, we writers are known for hearing voices, but usually in our own heads. Let's not add to the confusion.

With a little thought and a tiny bit of tweaking, you can make your blog a welcoming spot for people to hang out and get to know all about you and your writing.

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  • Peg Phifer 5 years ago

    Great points, Jen. I agree on all counts.

  • Kelly P 5 years ago

    Agreed, and also loading tons of ads first before any content, and also forcing user clicks by continuing a story on a different page, and also failing to use an index and loading too much on the main page... did I mention I used to build websites for a living, before I retired to write about naughty horsemanship?