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Three ways to love avocados at home

Making simple dishes with flavorful avocados is a snap!
Making simple dishes with flavorful avocados is a snap!
all photos by Faith Bowman

Summer is here and a lot of people are buzzing about the goodness of the avocado. The silky fleshed green fruit is a summer must have that provides our bodies with potassium and protein. Avocados also have saturated fat, but this is GOOD for you! Now that the bikinis and swimsuits are out, grab some avocados and keep them on hand for meals that maintain that hard won figure. here are three simple ways to get some 'alligator pear' into your diet:

1. Avocado Toast: So easy. Smash half a cut up, pitted, avocado in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. Toast fresh bread or csusty rolls and spread with a little creamy horseradish or butter, depending on your preference. Now take a spoonful of the avaocado micture and spread it on the bread. Sprinkle with scallions, chives, bacon bits, cracked fresh pepper, sea salt, sliced radish, wilted kale or spinach, watercress... etc. Customize to your heart's desire. Sit down with a glass of fresh iced tea and enjoy.

2. CousCous Bowl: A light and fun Middle-eastern dish with a California twist. Prepare couscous (basically boil water, stir in pasta, wait ten minutes). While the couscous is soaking, prep your avocado by slicing it, paring off the peel, and then cutting it into chunks. You don't need more than half a cup per bowl. Cut up scallions and add to the chunks of avocado. Spoon fully prepared couscous into a bowl, then layer avocado and scallions over it. Sprinkle with paprika for color and flavor. Serve.

3. Monterey Bacon Omelette with Cherry Tomatoes and Avocado: This is actually a play on a dish that I fell in love with in a San Francisco diner. Grate a quarter of a cup of Monterey Jack cheese into a bowl. Add bacon bits or a handful of chopped ham, or turkey. Crack two eggs (or egg whites) into another bowl and whisk until frothy. Pour into a heated skillet greases with a small amount of olive oil, a teaspoonful should be sufficient. Let the eggs cook until the bottom is set, spoon in cheese and meat, and then gently slide a spatula under an edge of the egg and fold over. You can scramble the eggs as well, but the omelette looks pretty.

let the folded omelette cook for a minute and then use the spatula to turn it over so that both sides are equally cooked. Turn off the heat, but let the eggs sit on a burner while you finish prepping your amazing dish.

Chop up two or three cherry tomatoes, and then chip up half of a ripe, peeled avocado. Set aside. Grab a clean plate and slide the eggs onto them. Then layer avocado on the side, and finish by sprinkling the cherry tomatoes over the avocado and eggs. Sprinkle with black pepper and a little sea salt. Serve to enthusiastic applause.

Summer cooking couldn't be simpler!

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