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Three ways - at least - to have an impact on (your) food

Is it tough to pass up convenience for healthier eating?  It doesn't have to be.
Is it tough to pass up convenience for healthier eating? It doesn't have to be.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Local blogger Karen Gibson, aka Soupaddict, recently posted on the subject of "3 Simple – but Powerful – Ways to Make a Lasting Impact on the Food Movement". The post was thoughtful and smart, and deserves to be passed along.

We're not talking about supporting the success of women farmers in Africa here; these ideas and advice are hyper-local. All these actions are those you might take in your own home, or in your daily life. To summarize:

1. Cook at home. The convenience of the corner fast-food joint, the frozen "entrees" at Kroger, or simply calling out for pizza, is a real and tough temptation. Nor is cooking a skill that comes naturally to everyone. But simple meals cooked with minimally-processed ingredients have the biggest impact on your family's health.

2. Grow your own. Start small. A few pepper plants in a pot is within reach of everyone. Herbs are remarkably resilient and unfussy. And there's no convenience like stepping outside your door to cut a few things for dinner.

3. Share know-how. Be willing to teach the skills it takes to do the two things above, whenever the opportunity presents.

Allow us to add a bit here:

3.5 Just share. Share the bumper crop of jalapenos with the neighbors. Invite someone over for some fresh food. It'll create those times for sharing know-how.

4. Shop at the local farmers' market. Fresh ingredients have the best flavor, and that'll keep you and your family interested - and coming back to the table for more.

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