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Three-way rigs nowhere to hide for walleyes

When you need to cover a large area and zero in on the Georgia walleyes, precision is the name of the game. A three-way rig with the right crankbait triggers the fish to come and get it. It resembles a hurt bait fish and the walleyes can’t resist it.

Three-way rigs nowhere to hide for walleyes

When the fish are spread out and high in the water column

Getting the right amount of line out, and get the boat speed up to trolling speed, you don’t want to be two blocks behind the boat dragging this sinker. The one thing about these big baits, when you put a plug down there you get the biggest fish in the school.

Jointed lures usually wobble best at low speeds

It’s great to feel that fish bit when you are accelerating the bait a little bit. Three-way rigging is the best way to deliver hard bates to deep water. The slowest is a jig, the next slowest is the live bait. A good sonar and boat control is critical to get in the right spot. Spinners kick the speed up a little bit but the three-way rig is the way to go to eliminate water and find the big fish.

The times of the year, in the summer time, in the seventies is the best time to pull this rig. To be able to get down and tight to the structures, for lakes and river fishing, even for big fish bass this rig is the way to go. The system is deadly. Use 10-pound test fluorocarbon.

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