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Three-way race for North Carolina U.S. Senate seat

Yesterday, North Carolina Republicans voted in their primary to have Thom Tillis face Libertarian Sean Haugh and Democrat incumbent Kay Hagan. Hagan won the Democratic primary and Haugh won the Libertarian primary yesterday. Apparently North Carolina Republicans like Tillis' work to protect corporations at the expense of North Carolinians.

Sean Haugh, Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan face off this November to be North Carolina's next U.S. Senator.

Nonetheless, the first information out of the Tillis campaign is less about himself and more about Hagan. TIllis is utilizing the 'vote against a candidate, not for a candidate' strategy, with the headline on his campaign website 'GOP Voters Nominate Common-sense Conservative Thom Tillis to Defeat Kay Hagan.' It is good they used the term 'common-sense' because most true conservatives feel the man is a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Although it is widely known most Republicans in Washington are now RINOs, leaving many to wonder should Tillis and his ilk be permitted to use the 'conservative' label?

Haugh is the most conservative in the race even though he is for marriage equality and legalization of marijuana. He wants to get the government out of the marriage business all together. Haugh is looking to respect the individual rights of North Carolinians and hold them accountable for their actions, as opposed to Hagan or Tillis which want to cast a wide net continuing to have North Carolinians arrested for the activity of commerce which does not hurt anyone or violate the rights of another North Carolinian.

Although polling on just the issues is not yet in, it is believe Haugh is most in line with North Carolinians on the issues - whether voters will sway away from voting for the Democrat or Republican remains to be seen. It the press give Haugh a fair shake in their coverage, then he stands a chance at winning a seat in the U.S. Senate. That does not seem to be happening in today's coverage, however. Most coverage does not mention Haugh's name, and if it is mentioned, it is usually a footnote. The mainstream media is falsely suggesting to voters it is a Tillis vs. Hagan race, purposely creating an ignorant electorate.

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