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Three unlikely local female missionaries

Joy helps with homework at Harvest Youth Club
Joy helps with homework at Harvest Youth Club
Courtesy of HYC

According to Wikipedia a missionary is a member of a religious group sent into an area to carry on ministries of the cord, such as evangelism and literacy, or ministries of service, such as an education, social justice, health care and economic development. Initially all missionaries were male but soon women entered the mission field as more than wives.  Since that time many women have become missionaries, so have even lost their lives in this service to their God.  Many others have spent their whole lives in the mission field while other combine work in the field of missions with their other tasks. Here are four female missionaries who live in the area and serve locally, regionally, and internationally. 

The first woman is Joy, and she is a joy to many. Joy is a retired widow. She is atypical in that she would not consider herself or the things she does in service of God and others as being the work of a missionary. Joy is best known at her church for her food service ministry. If there is a church event that has need of a dessert, casserole, or just servers Joy is there. She also volunteers locally as a homework helper/tutor at the Harvest Youth Club. Regionally Joy has gone of trips as a volunteer worker and/or VBS helper to KY to the Red Bird Mission and to the Upper Sand Mountain Parrish. Joy has also gone on foreign mission trips to Costa Rica and Peru.

Next there is Susan. Susan is a wife and mother but still finds time to serve the Lord with local missionary projects and on foreign mission trips. Locally her work with the Harvest Youth Club in arranging homework helpers/tutors as greatly benefited that non-profit organization. She is also working on getting a homework/tutor ministry started at West Madison Elementary School. She also serves the Lord by ministering to the needs of her family. Susan has gone to Russia, Southeast Asia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and next year she plans on going to Northern Africa.

Then there is Katie, who is a 21 year old student. She went on her first mission trip at the age of 15 when she travelled with other youth to Honduras. She stated that she went on that first trip simply because “it was just something I did.” However, two years later she returned to Honduras and her passion for international missions was ignited. The next year she went back to Honduras twice. This was Katie’s senior year in high school and yet she spent Spring break and her 18th birthday in Honduras on a mission trip while her classmates went to the beaches. In 2009 she led a trip to Honduras with 25 students from the Auburn Wesley Foundation. She had plans to return in July 2009 however the instability of the Honduran government made that trip impossible. Then she had the choice to go to either Panama or Costa Rica. She decided on going to Costa Rica and as it turned out she was the only one on the small team who had ever been to Costa Rica and the only one who spoke Spanish. This summer Katie will lead a team of six individuals whose main focus will be youth ministry but they will also be working with the elderly and children in the Calle Blancos community. Katie does believe that God is leading her into a lifetime of missions both internationally and in the local community. Right now her local community is Auburn, AL where she is a student at Auburn University.

These are but three of the women who serve locally, regionally, and internationally as missionaries. There are many more that are committed to serving the Lord.