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Three UFOs reportedly followed by a TR3-B airplane on July 15, 2011 [video]

The morning of Friday, July 15, 2011 was a busy time for UFOs over Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. A man was able to capture multiple unidentified flying objects on video. That includes the video on the left side of this page, which allegedly shows a TR3-B airplane following three UFOs or aircraft.

The 43-year-old man who witnessed this event is a prolific YouTube user named TheUfoguitarist who recorded at least two other UFOs earlier the same morning. The other UFO sighting consisted of a brightly lit object with multiple lights and a smaller object that seemed to glow with a white light.

However, the videographer isn't so quick to look for an extraterrestrial explanation for this new UFO sighting. He describes the action as "strange," but acknowleges that the mysterious aircraft are most likely not piloted by aliens. Also note that he labels the objects in the video merely as "aircraft," and not with the more mysterious term "UFO."

From the description of the video by TheUfoguitarist: "I think that because they show up weekdays at 3:30am it must be something other than Aliens, unless Aliens are on a fixed flight plan . . . It's strange though that a TR3-B is in higher altitude keeping an eye on things. I'm just guessing of course about what the TR3-B is doing, you be the judge."

You can launch this new UFO video on the left side of the page or by clicking on the following link: "Three Aircraft July 15, 2011 being followed by a TR3-B Space Plane" This video can also be found on TheUfoguitarist's YouTube channel.

If you're wondering which recent UFO video is getting the most attention, it's "Russian missile morphs into UFO mid-flight; unexplainable footage [video]" Please watch this dramatic video by clicking the preceding link.

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