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Three Twitter 'hacks' for better Twitter search results

Here are three Twitter search "hacks" to help your searches
Here are three Twitter search "hacks" to help your searches

In the area of social media, there is no better internal search engine than that of Twitter. It operates much like that of the original search engine, Google, and doesn't hinder itself with a lot of gimmicks designed to "improve" your searches; like Facebook's Graph Search.

However, like anything in life, there's always ways to make things better. Below are three Twitter "hacks" to improve your searching experience on the social medium:

Use quotation marks to better filter your Twitter search results:

Much like a Google search, entering the words by themselves (i.e. Indianapolis football) will find you what you want, but it will also clutter your search with a lot of results that just don't fit. For example, let's say I was searching for "Indianapolis football", but didn't put the phrase in quotes. My search results on Twitter will show anything that has Indianapolis and football in it. It could be a guy named @Indianapolis_jones who is ranting on how the term football shouldn't be used for soccer in the United States. Or, @TommyFootball, who thinks the weather in Indianapolis is horrific.

Using quotes allows you to search for the exact phrase in a tweet, and filter out irrelevant results like Tommy and Jones' rants.

Remove retweets to fine tune your searching:

If it's a popular topic you're searching for, more than likely, someone famous has put their spin on it. And, more than likely their opinion has been retweeted a ridiculous amount of times. The result of this is a whole lot of the same thing, over and over, and over. While the famous person's opinion may be clever, witty, or smart, it may not be what you are trying to find out on the topic.

The answer to this is to simply put an -RT in your search. For instance, on the topic of Indianapolis football, typing "Indianapolis football -RT" will get us only original and fresh opinions on a topic.

Use location searches in your tweets:

Need a haircut in Indianapolis? You can search "haircut indianapolis" and get some good results from it; or, you can type "haircut near:Indianapolis within:10 mi" and get customized, geocentric search results of discussions on haircuts within 10 miles of Indianapolis. Using the "near" and/or "within" quotes allows you to trim down your results to tweets made in that certain area.

There are a ton of other tips and tricks out there for Twitter, but these three search tips are the best way to instantly get the best results out of your searches on the social medium.

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