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Three tips to make your business move to utah stress free

Utah used to be known for only two things – the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and skiing. While both those venues are still thriving and available, the Beehive State now has much more to offer those interested in making a move, especially for business. It’s no longer like falling off the edge of the earth!

Utah Is All Grown Up Now . . .
According to the Christian Science Monitor the cost of living in Utah continues to remain among the lowest in the country, while the state is becoming an economic powerhouse in information technology and research, transportation, and education. And with tongue firmly in cheek, several websites insist that Utah has the best fry sauce in the continental United States!

Movers And Shakers.
For these reasons, and many more, numerous small and medium businesses are considering moving their headquarters and/or part of their business to Utah. Margarita Hakobyan, the CEO of Moverscorp, which is a website that offers free sourcing for individuals and companies in need movers and moving strategy, states unequivocally that a key element to any successful move is planning, PLANNING, PLANNING!

"The pool of potential employees that comes from BYU, UVU, and the startup community in Utah has allowed us to build our company with extremely skilled and ambitious leaders. We are definitely biased, but the talent and drive of our employees has created a contagious culture of competitiveness and success that would be very difficult to match elsewhere." - Kade Hendershot, President, Wallaroo Media.

Plan First, Move Second.
Hakobyan spends a lot of time checking on the registration and licensing of the moving companies her website recommends. Pricing, reputation, and feedback are important factors in her decision to list or not list a moving company. Likewise, before a company packs up one folder or desk chair it needs to plan, to do its’ homework, so it can be prepared for all eventualities. Moving a business to Utah is not like a pioneer trek anymore, but it’s not a walk in the park either. To take the guesswork out of hiring a moving company, so time can be used in more productive ways, use a professional sourcing agent.

Don’t Forget The Taxman!
Since the business is NOT being moved offshore, local, state and federal taxes will still remain a nagging concern. It’s the price of doing business anywhere in the United States. Don’t assume that the tax plan in one state is automatically going to be the same in another state. Local and state tax laws can differ substantially across the country. The Utah State Tax Commission, while not exactly the Chamber of Commerce, does try to be user-friendly and proactive in helping new businesses get their financial matters set up properly. Their business webpage offers a complete set of rules and regulations for business owners and accountants. Don’t ignore it.

Consolidate And Purge.

Once everything is in place for the move to the new office/business in Utah, the time has come to ruthlessly consider what office equipment to take, and what to leave behind for sale or donation. Consolidate as much equipment and furniture as you can. The less you have to move the easier and less costly the move will be. This also is true of your paper files. If you don’t plan on scanning it or if it’s redundant, there’s no reason to feel sentimental about it. If there are large amounts of obsolete paper to get rid of, hire a mobile shredding truck for the day. They will shred and dispose of the waste paper efficiently, confidentially, and legally.

So Take The Scenic Route . . .
Following these tips and using common sense, there’s no reason why a business move out to Utah can’t be a positive, perhaps even a refreshing, experience. The drive through the mountains is always breath-taking!

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