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Three tips to eat like the locals while on vacation

The Pike Brewing Company Seattle
Tracy Iseminger

When traveling part of the experience is finding an assortment of activities that are unique to the area. Why should your dining choices be any different? How often do you find yourself eating at fast food and chain restaurants while on vacation just because they are convenient and familiar? To complete your experience, you should treat dining no differently than the rest of your activities. Find the best local hangouts to really make your memories special.

Where do you start looking for the hidden gems of foodie scene? It takes a little research. Don't plan on driving around and pulling into the first joint you see, take your time and put in the effort. Follow these tips below and you are on your way to the best meals of your life.

Do a internet search.

Start by doing a basic internet search. Decide what area you will be in each day of your vacation and read some reviews of restaurants nearby. Many will come from locals on sites such as Yelp, Urbanspoon, Foursquare and TripAdvisor. Make a short list of places that catch your eye and tuck them away and bring them along with you on your trip.

Ask the city visitors center.

This is something most people don't think to do but it is exactly what it is meant for. The people at the visitors center and convention bureau are area experts and are always more than happy to share where to find the best restaurants while in town. If you don't see the information listed on the city website, try reaching out to them via their twitter handles or sending a simple inquiry e-mail. You will more than likely get a few names that you were not able to find on the big search sites.

Talk to the locals.

Once you reach your destination, simply talk to people. Opt to skip the concierge recommendations and ask the clerk at the drug store instead. Ask real people you pass along the street for the name of their favorite restaurant in town and why they love it. If there is anything people typically enjoy talking about, it is food. Most will tell you exactly what to order when you go. If any of the names match your preliminary searches, then you are guaranteed a fabulous local meal.

Following these simple steps will surely result in finding new and exciting dining choices to eat like the locals while you are on vacation. Round out your vacation experience with delicious dining experiences that you can not get anywhere else. Taking the time to really explore what makes an are unique offer the most memorable trips.

If you had one must visit restaurant recommendation, where would it be?

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