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Three things that turn men off to relationships

Once he is turned off, a relationship is never the next step.
Once he is turned off, a relationship is never the next step.
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Have any woman experienced any of the following things while dating? He does not call back, and she has the faintest idea why. The two go on a few dates and become close, then she asks where things are going; he stops calling. Or he goes from seeing a woman as fun and fantastic to someone he is not interest in. If any of the preceding has happened, a woman should not let a man's actions put a damper on dating. Simply put, he was not the right one. Women should always remember that they are great and sometimes they will have a disconnect with men. However, if she knows in advance what triggers these actions, she could create feelings and experiences for him where he is literally enthusiastic about being with her and cannot stay away.

This is the look of a "turned off" man.
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It is always good to know what not to do first. If a relationship with him is the end game, here are three things that will turn him off to a relationship with you.

1) Over doing it.

During the "getting to know each other" phase, it is natural to want to make the other individual feel good. A woman, for the most part, wants to do things to make her guy like her in hopes to keep him close to her, but this is a huge mistake. Not only does "over doing it" not allow him the space to feel her, it could cause him to pull away. It could also leave him thinking, "This woman is too needy." If a woman is trying too hard to make a man interested in her, this will turn him off. Do not try so hard. If it is meant to be, it will be. Trying too hard and being too available could make anyone seem needy and insecure, even if it is not the case.

2) Overstepping boundaries.

Boundaries are limits that each individual sets in a relationship. All healthy relationships have boundaries, especially romantic ones. Setting boundaries in romantic relationships is generally tough, because a partner wants the other one to like him or her. Setting healthy boundaries actually promote healthier relationships because it gives both partners guidelines for meeting the other's wants and needs. In a new relationship, "overstepping boundaries" will create problems. Whatever boundary he sets, try not to overstep it. When a woman continuously oversteps her guy's boundaries, he will become distant and pull away.

3) Over zealous.

It is great to be clear about one's intentions early on. However, a man will surely resist getting close to a woman if she is "over zealous" about needing to get into a relationship. This is a definite way to destroy a new situation and the attraction a man is feeling toward her. Although it makes sense to communicate one's wants in the beginning, it does not help to have the "relationship" talk early on. In fact, it can and will hurt. Do not make this mistake. Do not let the premature talk make the right man mistake you as the wrong woman by having him feel like he is being rushed into a relationship.

Doing any or all three of these things is a surefire way to turn a man off to a relationship. If a woman wants better results when it comes to men, stop doing what made sense in the past and start doing things that will make him attracted to you. Strive to create those experiences with him to the point where he is constantly feeling that intense connection. As a result, he will be begging for more.

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