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Three Tesla executives killed in plane crash


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a small plane has crashed in East Palo Alto, CA, killing three people--all believed to be employees of Tesla Motors. Tesla has become well-known over the past few years as the purveyor of electric sports cars.

There were no injuries on the ground, although three cars were destroyed and a house was damaged when the plane went down just before 8 a.m PST this morning. The plane, a Cessna 310, was registered to Tesla senior electrical engineer Doug Bourn, although it's not know if he was on the plane or not when it went down. The three victims have not yet been identified.

The cause of the crash is unclear, but it appears that the plane may have hit power lines shortly after takeoff. There was thick fog in the area, and that may have hindered visibilty for the plane, which was headed to Hawthorne Municpal Airport, located in Los Angeles County.

[Source: San Francisco Chronicle via Jalopnik]


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