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Three teens killed instantly in Texas hit and run: Two suspects flee on foot

3 Texas teens killed in hit and run accident on Saturday morning coming home from a party.
3 Texas teens killed in hit and run accident on Saturday morning coming home from a party.
Wikimedia Commons/ Scott Davidson USA

Police are looking for two people who fled the scene of a hit and run accident killing three teens and putting three other teens in the hospital. A white Chrysler sped through a red light and hit a blue Chevrolet, according to ABC News on June 14.

Six teens were riding in the Chevy which spun on impact and crashed into a light pole. Three of the teens were killed on impact, the others were rushed to the hospital.

This Texas accident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, when the car of teens was coming home from a party in the southeast section of Houston. Two people were in the White Chrysler and they left the car and fled on foot. The accident happened on a freeway feeder road.

The names of the victims who died at the scene of this crash were not released, but they did say two teenage boys and one teenage girl were pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the Canada Journal today, two of the dead teens were siblings. Police have not ruled out alcohol as a factor in this crash. Police have asked if anyone has any information in this crash to please call the hit-in-run unit at 713-247-4065.

Not much is known about the occupants of the white Chrysler that hit the teens' car only that there were two people riding in it at the time of the accident and they both fled on foot.

If alcohol was a factor on the part of the people who fled, they may end up turning themselves in once that alcohol wears off. It is not unheard of for people who flee the scene of an accident to do so because they are under the influence and they don't want the serious charges of DUI during the course of an accident.

There is no updates so far on the condition of the teens who were in the hospital. Police have no suspects in custody as of yet.

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