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Three Steps to Kicking Stress to the Curb

Be Mindful
Be Mindful

We have all pretty much heard at one time or another the importance of controlling stress because of the negative affect it has on every part our bodies. As easy as it’s said is as difficult as it seems to accomplish in today’s fast paced, tech driven world.

While most experts agree that a small amount of stress is normal; most will also tell you that repeated exposure of your body to adrenalin and cortisol rushes that stress causes will only cause you to feel, less than your best over time.

Deep breathing is a great way to calm yourself inside some of the most nerve wrecking situations but Marissa Vicario, board-certified health and nutrition coach and Lolë ambassador has three quick tips to pull you back from the edge of a stress induced meltdown.

Schedule downtime
It can be so easy to book our schedules solid, but most of us need to take a break away from the push and pull. Try to find time at least one day a week where you ignore your mobile devices and are not scheduled to work or attend social events. If that is impossible then carve out 20-60 minutes daily where you sit back and relax. Try closing your bedroom door and turning the lights off.

Create a morning routine
How you start your day can set the tone for how it will go. Resist the urge to jump out of bed and check and respond to email immediately upon waking. Instead, spend some time in solitude getting grounded either by journaling, meditating or sipping coffee or tea before jumping into your day. If you live with others this might require getting up 30 minutes earlier.

Be Present
In today’s every updating world this could seem near impossible. But challenge yourself to spend some time off of social media and away from TV and magazines. Start off with maybe making Sundays your recharge day and ignoring anything non-pressing. Delete unnecessary apps and alerts from your mobile phone and practice really being present with your work, social events and family without the distraction of mobile devices. That goes for eating as well. Practice mindful eating. You’d be surprise how much less you might eat.

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