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Three steps to a focused weight-lifting set




Practicing simple meditative exercises during the more physical ones can greatly increase focus on the intended physical movement. 

1)  Start off easy:  Sit on your workout bench 30-45 seconds earlier than usual. 

2)  Take a deep inhale (preferably from your abdomen) while slowly telling yourself an affirmation such as "I'm calm".  (Make the internal affirmation last as long as the inhale.)

3)   Now slowly exhale while thinking "and centered".  (Again, let the affirmation end as the exhale ends. )

Repeat for 5 breaths  just prior to your physical movement.
As you get better at the breathing-affirmation practice, you can add pictures to your words.  For instance,  while telling yourself that you're calm and centered picture your spine aligned perfectly, centered just right, lubricated just right.  You may even correct your posture at this point, only moments before your first repetion.

This is but one, of many, ways to incorporate meditation into your workout routine.  Similar meditative practices can be used for cardiovascular and other types of exercise as well, producing a more focused satisfying workout!


  • Jason 5 years ago

    I was woundering about how many reps I should do benching and what I should start out with for weight and how much weight and reps I should do for curling and what I should I take before a hour work out.(