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Three stages of home selling


Instant Curb Appeal

While there are numerous possible motivators for anyone to sell their home, the reasons generally boil down to three stages:

Want to Sell – You have already found a home to purchase and you want to sell your home so you can write an offer on another home.

Need to Sell – You made an offer on another home, it was accepted, and you close in 30 days.

Have to Sell – You have closed on your new home purchase and cannot afford two house payments.

You have the most power to stick to your list price if you are in the “Want to Sell Stage.” You can look at offers without feeling the pressure to accept the junk offers that may come in on the first three or four days. At this stage you can decline half price offers without getting upset or discouraged. Legitimate buyers are doing just like you did; they are analyzing the market before they make an offer.

In the “Need to Sell Stage” you have seen what homes are selling for and what it takes to get a home sold. This is the time to pack up all unnecessary items and put them in storage until you take possession of your new home. After the clutter is cleared out you should clean, dust and make sure all the lights work properly.

If you are in the “Have to Sell Stage” you need to have your home clean, well lit and aggressively priced. Good curb appeal, a clean unobstructed front door, and good lighting are absolutely essential for a quick sale.

While price matters there is nothing more appealing to buyers than a clean “Move in ready” home.” No matter what stage of selling you are in remember to sell the value of your home. If you are not sure how to build value into your home call a real estate consultant for professional advice or send an email to for help and suggestions.