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Three sisters combine talents to offer makeovers for the new year

Imagine Three
Imagine Three

It is the weekend after Christmas.  As you are shuffling through your gift cards, are you saying to yourself, "Where do I even start in deciding how to spend these?"  You might consider turning to Imagine Three, an Ann Arbor and Toledo based company composed of three talented sisters who can help make those decisions in an entertaining and informative way.

So now that Christmas and Hanukkah are over, many of us are turning our attention to the new year.  Imagine Three is offering a couple of fun ways to ring in the New Year - with "Inner Beauty" and "Get Glam" parties.  These parties offer on-the-spot makeovers, with tips on what products to buy to keep that "new you" going strong through out the coming year and beyond.

The parties can provide an informative and entertaining way to follow up on New Year's resolutions.

Hair stylist Julie Hill will help each guest find that long sought after look hidden within her hair.  Hannah Butler, her makeup artist sister, will help each one with the right look to go with each hairdo, and sister Whitney Keeler, will record the event with her camera and photographic eye.

Keeler, the youngest of the three, has been developing her photographic eye since she was a young child, taking after her father the photographer, said Hill. 

"The Get Glam Parties would be for prom girls or women's hair [and makeup] services," said Hill.  "The party takes place at the home of the hostess."  The process can start before the party, by using the "Bliss Book to help pick out a look for a prom or other special event."

The book gives the sisters and the party guests a starting point for creating each individual special look for the evening's party or special event.

There is also a Bliss Book Blog, filled with ideas, news and tips.

The service is just not for young women.  "Women in their 30's and 40's and up [can have a Get Glam Party before] going out on the town.  We're there [Hill and her sisters] to bring out their inner beauty."

The Inner Beauty Parties consist of about 10 to 15 women gathering in a three to four hour occasion. With the party itself being the main event, the Inner Beauty Parties afford more time for the sisters to "teach the women to do their makeup and hair," said Hill.

The advice is tailored to the interests and needs of each woman.  "We can talk about greener products, personal skin tone, life style, and we can suggest generic alternatives for [famous] brand names which work just as well," Hill explained.

Each guest will get prescriptive advice and face chart.

Imagine Three has some shows coming up, including doing the hair for a bridal show sponsored by Whimsical Occasions.

Imagine Three is also considering of extending their service to men.  "We are trying think of the best way to do it, " said Hill.  The emphasis would be on grooming and skin care tips, and "helping them achieve their well being goals."

So whether you are a woman or man, looking for a job change, focusing on loosing weight or just eating healthier - when you "feel good about yourself, all those things fall into place," Hill pointed out.

For more information call Julie Hill at 734-528-0922, or go to the web site contact form.

Above photos compliments of Once Upon a Memory Photography, and Imagine Three Photography