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Three simple ways to save time during your East Valley commute.

Many of those who live in the East Valley work in the Phoenix Metro area.
Many of those who live in the East Valley work in the Phoenix Metro area.

With the explosive growth that the East Valley has seen over the last decade it is no surprise that traffic congestion has grown at the same rate.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has done an admirable job of trying to keep our freeways flowing. Freeway construction while bothersome at times has allowed our freeways to keep up with demand, more so than in any other state. While A.D.O.T. has done everything in their power, there are still some ways to shave precious minutes off your East Valley commute.

Trying different times to leave to and from work can save you large amounts of time. During my time with one employer in North Central Phoenix I was able to save 25 minutes off my commute each way by simply leaving a half hour earlier. I contacted my H.R. department and explained what was going on and they allowed me to adjust my schedule to come in and leave work earlier to shorten my commute time.

The Internet and radio are your friends when it comes to traffic. Both Google and Yahoo have great mapping sites that give you constant traffic updates. Simply go to their map sites then use the get directions tab, put in your home address, your work address, and click on the traffic button. Bookmark your page and you can quickly review it before leaving for work. Most radio stations also have on air current traffic reports every 10-15 minutes.

The easiest route is not always the quickest. If you find yourself waiting in long lines trying to get on the freeway try an on ramp 1 mile closer to your destination. The same goes for those always busy intersections. You will be amazed at how much the difference using Greenfield verses Higley in the morning can be. Knowing alternate routes will also allow you to bypass any traffic snarls you find when you either review your traffic page or hear them on the radio.

Remember every minute you save in your daily commute is a minute you can spend enhancing your quality of life.