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Three simple strategies for new dad stress relief

The hardest part of being a new dad is not changing diapers or snapping the onesie or giving up your social life.  It is actually the worrying about diapers and snaps and lonely Friday nights that is most difficult.  You have to remember that it is almost never as bad as you are making it out to be in your mind.

The poo in the diaper is never as bad as the poo in your mind.  That's an ancient Chinese proverb.

New dads have to learn to deal with the natural stress that comes with the unknown of having a kid.  Here are three simple tips to help you stop worrying. You didn't think of them because you were too busy worrying.

1.  Stop Reading So Much

If you believe everything you read in baby books, you'll live in constant fear that everything is trying to destroy your child.  Sleeping on his back will kill him.  Sleeping on his front will kill him.  Teradactyls will kill him.  Stop reading about everything that will kill him and start simply reading to him.

2.  Run

Who has the time?  You do.  You'll be so much more understanding, patient, and tolerant if you feel good.  Exercise provides energy, relieves stress, and gives you the lung capacity required to chase your child around the house.  Find the time to run along Lake Shore or play basketball or go bowling.

3.  Wake Up an Hour Early

This sounds insane, but it might be the only way you'll ever get that much needed quiet time.  Do the budger.  Read a magazine.  Play a game of MVP Baseball for the old XBox your wife wants you to get rid of.  Do whatever you won't be able to do when the kid rises and you return to being a dad.


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