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Three signs a partner is cheating

Let's face it, people cheat! Not all people cheat but many will at some point in a committed relationship. It is a sad fact, but there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Does cheating happen often? Not really. Will it happen to you? Hopefully not, but anyone could become a statistic. But the good news is that people who cheat are usually transparent and predictable.

Smartphones and secrets ...
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When it comes to cheating, there will not always be any definitive clues. But everyone needs to know the obvious signs of cheating. There are three obvious signs that should get anyone's antennae up. These signs do not seem to change much, but the little hints are now amplified with the advent of technology. Now, cheating is almost always revealed through smartphones and social media.

Think a partner might be cheating? If he or she is displaying any of the three warning signs described below, there is a good chance they are cheating.

Cheating sign # 1: He/She has a sudden change in behavior.

One of the most telling sign of cheating is a sudden change in a partner's behavior. This might show up in many ways but changes in work habits and appearance are the "tell-tale" signs of a cheater. Pay close attention if a partner all of a sudden has to work late, overnight travels and cannot be reached. Also if he or she is sporting a new hairstyle, updating their wardrobe or spending hours at the gym, chances are they might more than like be cheating.

Cheating sign # 2: He/She becomes secretive.

People who cheat often lead double lives. In order to have "your cake and eat it too," one has to cover their tracks. If a partner has become secretive and unwilling to reveal their whereabouts, there is reason to believe he or she is a cheater.

Cheating sign # 3: He/She is less interested in intimacy.

If a partner is suddenly less interested in physical intimacy, it should be considered with a lot of caution. There could be reasons other than cheating to explain why. But if a lack of intimacy along with behavioral changes and being secretive, then it may mean they are indeed cheating.

Let's face it; cheating will always be a reality for many daters. Why? At some point, many will be cheated on, guilty of cheating, tempted to cheat, and suspect they are being cheated on.

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