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Three resources to help you eat healthy in 2010


Salads are only a small part of eating healthy.

The holidays are the time to indulge. Every event and party has a table groaning beneath the weight of smoked ham, turkey, fudge, cookies and candy. Stockings are hung by the chimney filled with chocolate and toffee. And who can resist warming up on a cold winter evening with eggnog or a hot toddy.

Is it any wonder then that most people start the new year resolved to lose weight and eat healthier?

It is easy enough to find info on the latest fad diet or health craze. Not so easy is finding good information on how to change your eating habits to something healthier for life, not just a few weeks. The information is out there, though. Listed below are my favorite resources. All three are solid sources with information that is timely and easy to use.

This online companion to Health Magazine includes an entire section on Healthy Eating. It includes recipes, articles on family nutrition that are actually usable, and - my favorite - tips on shopping smart and how to eat healthy when dining out.

The Web page for Food Network always has a secion on Healthy Eating. For January 2010, they have added a month of tips and recipes to help keep your resolution to eat healthy this year. New tips and such will be posted every day, so check back often.

Whole Foods Market

It is one of my favorite places to shop. It is also a great resource for anyone who wants to eat healthy. The Web site includes recipes and articles for people on special diets, such as gluten-free or low-sodium. It also offers info on nutrition for babies, kids and teens. All of it is easy to use.

Here's to a wonderful, healthy new year to all!


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