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Three references that should be made in the third Un-set

Why don't the make a Stifle t-shirt for real?

If the elusive third silver-bordered joke set is ever designed - Mark Rosewater is definitely behind the idea, being a former comedy writer himself, and just needs to sway the rest of R&D - then we can expect it to have the same kind of witty humor that the first two did. There are sure to be silly things like references to barnyard animals, of course, but also plenty of topical humor about Magic itself. Here are three definite sources of those jokes:

  • A legendary Vorthos card: After getting the psychographic-based Timmy, Power Gamer and Johnny, Combo Player, Spike would be the obvious next choice, except Spikes aren't interested in Un-sets, broadly speaking. The elusive, flavor-obsessed fourth psychographic could definitely have some artist-related mechanic like many Unhinged cards did.
  • Look at Me, I'm Market Research: Following Look at Me, I'm the DCI and Look at Me, I'm R&D, what better for the latest white Un-rare to emulate than another supposed cause of fan woes?
  • A Return to Kamigawa reference: As unlikely as the actual return of the much-maligned plane is, a sly joke about it would have plenty of cachet with plenty of Magic players.
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