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Three Reasons to Visit the Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands are probably the most famous islands in Thailand. They've shown up in movies, they’ve been featured in numerous travel documentaries, and they’re one of the most appreciated topics of conversation for people traveling to Thailand.

But what makes them so famous? And why should you visit them?

Get Down to Basics or Go Luxury

Once upon a time – in the mid-1980s – the Phi Phi Islands were considered to be the ideal destination for backpackers because there was little development. Things changed at the turn of the century, thanks to Hollywood.

Let’s thank Leonardo DiCaprio and the movie The Beach for putting the Phi Phi Islands in front of the world. As a result of the movie, the Phi Phi Islands exploded with tourists as they wanted to see this magnificent location.

Sure, some came walk where Dicaprio walked but all stayed because of the beauty of the islands. And so, the Phi Phi Island’s popularity grew.

Inevitably, development began as more and more tourists made their way to the Phi Phi Islands. With hotels and resorts, the Phi Phi Islands began competing with other luxurious vacation destinations throughout the world.

Today, the Phi Phi Islands bolsters five-star hotels, dive schools, and an amazing bar and restaurant scene. So, if you fancy a vacation where your every whim is catered to on some of the most beautiful islands in the world, the Phi Phi Islands should be on the top of your list.

If you're looking to relax with a simple vacation where you can rough it under the stars or enjoy simple accommodations without the fanfare of a five-star resort, the Phi Phi Islands are you vacation destination.

Amazingly, large portions of these islands are untouched. Locals continue the tradition of a laid-back, friendly attitude environment, making it a wonderful place to visit, despite all the commercialization.

The Phi Phi Islands Offer Plenty of Fun Activities

Want to lounge around all day on the beach without lifting a finger? Want to brave the elements of the water or lush mountainous regions? The Phi Phi Islands have something for everyone.

The stunning resorts, white sandy beaches and crystal blue ocean offers plenty of opportunities to kick back. Kick off your hoses, grab your favorite book and let the hours slip as you unwind from the stresses of daily life.

There’s plenty for you to do on the Phi Phi Islands if cannot sit still or you want a break from the beach. For more adult-oriented entertainment, you can go on a Booze Cruise – yup, real booze fills your cup – with five hours of unlimited drinking on board a ship that stops at Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Samah and Maya Bay.

Enjoy the picturesque sunset if you are still standing or at least conscious.

If you are looking for something with a little less alcohol and a little more adrenaline, try cliff jumping or rock climbing on Tonsai Tower. A professional rock climbing school will assist and organize your climbing adventure at night, under the full moon.

Some other awesome things you can do include fishing, getting a massage, having your feet cleaned by fish – yes, it feels slightly strange but in a really good way –Thai cooking classes or yoga.

Oh, and you do not worry about the kids because the Pirate Adventure House close to the main pier in Tonsai Village is an amazing attraction that will keep them busy and put a smile on their faces.

It features an electronic shooting range, an XD theater with 4D rides with moving and a haunted house.

A Great Nightlife

To be completely honest, this area of the world has gained a reputation for a somewhat sleazy nightlife, which might suit some perfectly. Luckily, the nightlife on the Phi Phi Islands is completely different.

Yes, the nightlife on the Phi Phi Islands is legendary with its hardly hedonistic, noisy and fun nightlife environment. So, if you want to have some good wholesome fun at night, there's no better place to do it than on the Phi Phi Islands.

Buckets abound, parties run late – or early – you are guaranteed to enjoy a few parties you'll never forget.

From the Phi Phi Reggae Bar and the only rooftop bar known as Banana to Jordan's Irish Pub and the Rolling Stoned Bar, there are plenty of watering holes for you to choose from. We recommend you try them all out, otherwise how can you decide which one's your favorite?

If the beauty of the Phi Phi Islands alone isn't enough to convince you that you need to visit the area, then the extensive choice of accommodation, great nightlife and plenty to do should sway you in this direction.

How to Get There

To get to Phi Phi you need to travel by ferry. You can find prices and schedules at

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