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Three reasons to visit the London Zoo

Piranhas in the aquarium at the London Zoo.
Piranhas in the aquarium at the London Zoo.
Leslee Haralson

If travel plans include London this summer, be sure to include a stop at the London Zoo on your itinerary. Located in verdant Regent Park with easy access by public transportation, the zoo gives an enjoyable change of pace to the usual London sites besides being a fabulous zoo. Here are three reasons to make the London Zoo part of your itinerary:

1. An impressive feature of the London Zoo is the opportunity to see some animals behind the scenes in their insides cages. Some of the walking paths take visitors right by the indoor areas where the animals hang out during the rain or at night, then curve around to bring visitors to the front of the enclosures to the outdoor areas. The giraffe enclosures are especially interesting.

2. Not only are the zoo exhibits are excellent, there is a large aquarium. The aquarium is quite extensive highlighting fish from many different biomes such as freshwater, saltwater, Amazon region, etc. It’s not often you see piranhas in the zoo.

3. The variety of animals is impressive. Besides elephants, there were all the usual animals visitors expect to find in a zoo with many unusual additions. The London Zoo has a fruit bat house with dozens of the creatures dangling upside down in their humid surroundings, a penguin beach where the little birds dart in and out of the blue water all day, and many baby animals out in the habitats where they can be viewed by guests.

Whether traveling with children or not, the London Zoo is a worthwhile place to spend if not a full day, at least part of the day. The lush surroundings of Regent Park, the well kempt zoological gardens, interesting exhibits, and just being off-the-beaten-track from the usual London itinerary make it worth the trip. Zoo discounts are available if you purchase a London Pass for your sightseeing while in London.