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Three popular phrases that drive us nuts

Phrases that drive us nuts
Phrases that drive us nuts

Every generation has their own unique style and culture. Different fashions trends come and go and different phrases are embraced by each new generation. The current generation is no different and their catch phrases still drive the rest of us nuts.

Society has relaxed over the past few generations. Clothes are less formal, attitudes are more carefree, relationships are more casual and the new catch phrases make the rest of us shake our heads.

So what are the current phrases that are driving us nuts and should be put to pasture?

  • “It is what it is” When did this phrase begin and why? This seems to be the answer now a day to just about anything. Of course something is what it is! What else would it be? Why try to end a conversation with this phrase instead of trying to determine how you got there? It seems to be an effective way to end a topic of discussion; however it just doesn't give you a sufficient closer to the conversation. Sometimes if you analyse it a little more, you may find that it's not what it is.
  • “Or whatever” For the love of all things proper, some people do not know how to end a sentence without these two words. “So I went to dinner or whatever”, “I filled out all my paperwork or whatever”, “Let’s go to the mall or whatever”. These two little words can drive people crazy. Why is it necessary? So you went to dinner, fantastic; when you add or whatever, that just changed everything. Did you go to dinner or do something else? Did you fill out your paperwork or do a crossword puzzle? Are you going to the mall or somewhere else? The phrase “or whatever” is so overused and so misunderstood. If you use this phrase or whatever, please stop. See, it just doesn't sound right!
  • “Yep” instead of you’re welcome. The phrase thank you is still in vogue and is appreciated at most every occasion; however the response to thank you has changed. Instead of you’re welcome, we are now hearing “yep” “np (no problem)”and “you got it”. There is something soothing and meaningful about hearing you’re welcome. It shows a stronger sense of respect, like the person genuinely appreciates your gesture. The response to a thank you should never be lazy or casual. Say you’re welcome. Thank you.

Is there a current phrase that gets under your skin? Do you say any of the above phrases? If you do use one of these three phrases, tell us which phrase you use and why you use it.

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