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Five places to sign a petition to protect Net Neutrality and why you should.

First, the reason why you should want Net Neutrality to remain the law of the land is not only this website but every other website out there that we don't know about yet. Your new Googles and Facebooks. In fact, as far as can be discerned by this writer, the horrible idea to gut Net Neutrality only helps two or possibly three broadband companies. The millions of other companies that make up the Internet all lose. Or think about porn and illegal downloading.

A horrible guess is that the big broadband companies want to limit what you watch and read online. The future looks a lot like cable television or the kind of Internet that you get at work or oh gawd its a horrible future that we must all work together to stop.

Here are five petitions that you can sign in support of Net Neutrality.

One.) The Daily Kos Petition.

Here's what the Daily Kos says:

Big Telecom has wanted to kill Net neutrality for years, and a new proposal at the Federal Communications Commission would help them do just that.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed a new set of rules that will allow Internet service providers to charge web publishers extra for preferential treatment.

Large websites like Fox News could pay for priority service to ride in the fast lane and reach more people online—while independent blogs like Daily Kos, nonprofits, small businesses and any website that can’t afford it will be left out in the cold.

The FCC will consider this “pay-to-play” rule on May 15th, so let's nip it in the bud now.

Two.) The ACLU has one.

It might have been up for awhile. But you can sign it again.

Here's what the ACLU says:

Stand with the ACLU and demand the preservation of Net Neutrality

If the government doesn't act soon, the free and open internet — and the "network neutrality" principles that sustain it — could be a thing of the past. Corporate disfavor of controversial viewpoints and competing telecom services could change both what you can see on the Internet and the quality of your connection. And the need to monitor what you do online in order to play favorites means even more consumer privacy invasions piled on top of the NSA's prying eyes.

Join the ACLU and protect your right to access what you want online in the way you want to. With our essential rights and freedoms at stake, we need your support.

3.) Save the Internet

Here's what they say:

Stop the FCC from Breaking the Internet!

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing rules that would kill — rather than protect — Net Neutrality and allow rampant discrimination online.

Under these rules, telecom giants like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon would be able to pick winners and losers online and discriminate against online content and applications.

We must stop the FCC from moving forward with these rules.

Tell FCC Chairman Wheeler: We Demand REAL Net Neutrality

4.) Credo Action

We only have until the May 15 FCC meeting to push back hard enough to get Wheeler to change course.

Tell Chairman Wheeler: Don't help Verizon kill Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is a principle that says that Internet users, not Internet service providers (ISPs), should be in control. It ensures that Internet service providers can’t speed up, slow down, or block web content based on its source, ownership, or destination.

Net Neutrality is dead for the time being – but the FCC could stand up to Verizon and AT&T and pass strong rules.

Instead, Wheeler's proposed rules would divide the Internet into fast lanes for wealthy corporations and slow lanes for the rest of us. Internet service providers (ISPs) would be allowed to relegate content to the slow lane unless the content provider paid up.

That means that the speed you could stream a video, for example, would not just depend on the kind of Internet plan you purchase from your ISP. It would also heavily depend upon whether the entity hosting the video paid for the express lane so that it didn’t take forever to download. Not only is this anti-consumer, allowing corporations to decide what kind of content you can access on the Internet is fundamentally anti-democratic.

5. Sign the White House Petition

This is going to hit their numbers pretty fast.

Maintain true net neutrality to protect the freedom of information in the United States.
True net neutrality means the free exchange of information between people and organizations. Information is key to a society's well being. One of the most effective tactics of an invading military is to inhibit the flow of information in a population; this includes which information is shared and by who. Today we see this war being waged on American citizens. Recently the FCC has moved to redefine "net neutrality" to mean that corporations and organizations can pay to have their information heard, or worse, the message of their competitors silenced. We as a nation must settle for nothing less than complete neutrality in our communication channels. This is not a request, but a demand by the citizens of this nation. No bandwidth modifications of information based on content or its source.

Sign them all if you like the Internet just the way it is.

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