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Three Pets Left Behind: Pets need placement after death of owner

Three pets, including one cat and two black dogs-are looking for a home following the death of their owner.

Three pets, including this gorgeous black dog, need placement following the death of their owner.
Facebook/Three Pets Left Behind
Dogs waiting for a new home
Colleen Lewis Grantham

Unfortunately, it often happens that pet owners die without giving written details about what should happen to their pets.

The photos of the dogs will help readers see that these are not puppies. These are trained and well behaved adult dogs, Bear and Tasha, who need a permanent home or rescue now.

Tiger the cat is part of this family and wouldn't it be great if all of the pets could stay together?

After the owner died suddenly, a neighbor began taking care of Bear, Tasha and Tiger until they can be placed in a permanent home.

Please view Three Pets Left Behind on Facebook to learn more information. The following details are from that Facebook page:

Our friend has been faithfully caring for two black dogs and a striped cat since the holidays, 2013 when her own friend passed away and left behind the trio. The two black dogs and the striped cat all stay together, still, at their home, in the yard and with access to the garage, but come mid April 2014, the remaining family will be taking the trio the local pound for possible euthanasia if no one adopts the pets.

Bear is 4.5 years old. Sasha is around the same age. Tiger the striped male cat is about 4 also. All three are fully vetted, they were family pets, they were loved, and our friend knows that her deceased friend is probably turning in her grave knowing that that the pets she rescued were living like this.

As noted in the above information, the house where the pets are staying will be for sale and the pets must be moved now. Hopefully a reader will know of someone able to give a home to these beautiful dogs, Bear and Tasha along with their friend, Tiger the cat.

Millions of pets are turned over to shelters each year because there are not enough homes to house them all-or so the story goes. There are enough homes, but not always enough people willing to put themselves out on behalf on the pets needing homes.

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