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Three Pennsylvania teens charged with shooting Amish family's pet donkey

Miniature Jerusalem donkey (not Eeyore)
Miniature Jerusalem donkey (not Eeyore)
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Three Montgomery teens were charged on Thursday with each boy shooting an Amish family's pet miniature donkey six times until he was dead on the family's farm in Lycoming County reported

Amos Yoder, the farmer, whose pet donkey Eeyore was killed, stated his family was devastated by the loss, and even though they have many animals on their farm, the six-year-old Jerusalem miniature donkey was their children's pet. The kids would take turns riding Eeyore and neighborhood children loved to pet the donkey on their way to school.

The donkey was found dead in the paddock last week.

The three teens, two 15-years-of-age and one teen listed as 16 were released back to the custody of their parents; the youths are back attending high school in Montgomery.

Pennsylvania State Police report the teens used a .22 caliber rifle to kill Eeyore. They have allegedly also admitted to killing several deer in the area and smashing local mailboxes with a baseball bat.

The correlation between animal abuse and cruelty as teenagers carries a close correlation to future criminal activities in adulthood.

The teens have been charged with animal cruelty and possession of a firearm by a minor. The Pennsylvania Game Commission will also do an investigation.

As for the children who lost their pet donkey, their father said he would find a new donkey for the children and name him Eeyore in memory of the great little guy who died so tragically.

Rest in peace Eeyore.

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