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Three organizations in WA State get job training grant money for veterans

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Do you have friends or relatives that have served our country and have been hit hard by past economic times and they are now homeless? Have you seen them struggle with moving into a non-military career?

Recently, United States Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez released the names of the organizations that would receive nearly $37 million in grant money to help more than 12,000 veterans obtain the needed skills and knowledge to succeed in the civilian workforce. This grant money comes from the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program, which is overseen by the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service.

Of the 156 organizations nationwide that received these competitive grants, Washington State had grantees that received over $700,000 in grant money. Specific recipients included the Workforce Development Council of Snohomish County, Washington Department of Veteran Affairs, and Partners in Careers.

The Workforce Development Council of Snohomish County became one of 37 new grantees that would be looked upon to create job-driven training through actively working with company partners to figure out what skills and knowledge are needed for jobs that are in high demand. Additionally, these organizations will deliver services that help veterans with finding housing, learning life skills and money management, job placement, and career counseling. It’s expected the funding given to these 37 new grantees, nearly $10 million, will be able to assist as many as 3,000 veterans.

While these three organizations receive their grant money and continue their work and support to help our veterans, it’s important to note that there is other aid available for veterans through the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service. For example, employers can learn how they can help support our military members and find qualified veterans to fill their vacancies. Service providers can check in on what grants are available or understand the priority of service requirements. Last, but not least, veterans and service members and their families can look into apprenticeship occupations, what Veterans Preference means, and where they can get help with finding work. Our state also has a local office located in Tumwater.