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Three options for free Obamacare help

With the March 31, 2014 deadline for being covered by private insurance or enrolling in a policy offered by the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare, millions of Americans are still not covered. If you remain uninsured because you have questions about Obamacare or you’re not sure where to buy the most affordable policy, you can find help, answers to questions and calculators for determining tax credits, the penalty amount if you opt out of insurance and access to insurance options through three free online tools., and TurboTax Health, all described below, each walk you through learning more about Obamacare regulations, the ACA insurance marketplace and deciding on best insurance options for your financial situation and health needs.

Remaining uninsured is not a good option for most people. After March 31, 2014, the uninsured will be fined the greater of $95 per adult and $47.50 for each child in your family, or 1% of taxable income, prorated for each month your family is not covered by at least a basic medical insurance policy as defined by Penalties will be assessed when 2014 income tax returns are filed, reducing your refund or increasing taxes you have to pay when you file.

TurboTax Health

To use Intuit's TurboTax Health, select from four options that represent your current insured status and TurboTax Health starts creating a personalize guide. This online tool will help you decide whether it would be more affordable to enroll in your employer’s insurance plan, an individual plan or to enroll through the ACA marketplace. Information for those Medicaid or Medicare who are expecting higher income in the near future is also offered.

Developed by TaxACT tax software, provides information in a rich, multimedia experience with videos, current Obamacare news, infographics and a free online guide to future healthcare-related tax changes listed by years. For example, the maximum 1% of income penalty will rise in future years. offers calculators for estimating the tax penalty or the tax credit you would receive on your 2014 return to offset the cost of insurance.

H&R Block helpth gets its name from combining help and healthcare into one word. This online tool navigates through how your income taxes will be affected by Obamacare, and you can even get live help from H&R Block’s experienced tax experts. also offers quick answers to frequently asked questions about Obamacare, personalized advice for insurance options and recent healthcare news.

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