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Three online real estate stocks to buy

stock exchange
stock exchange
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The three major indexes pulled up tech stocks with them as they went through the roof on Thursday on the heels of positive jobs data for June.

Using Reuters data, the Economic Times reported that Dow Jones added 48.8 points to 17,025.04, the S&P rose by 5.62 points to 1,980.24, and the Nasdaq Composite gained 16.23 points to 4,473.97.

Nasdaq ended at its highest since 2000 and gained for the third consecutive week, the Economic Times stated. Both Dow Jones and the S&P 500 closed at their third record high for the past few weeks.

The Economic Times also added that the over 288,000 jobs were created in June, surpassing analyst forecasts of 212,000 jobs.

On the topic of tech stocks, these three movers in the real estate niches are a buy, according to data from market research firms and investment gurus.

Zillow (NASDAQ: Z)

Zillow is an online real estate database just like Trulia, its mid-cap sibling. Its shares currently trade at $140.69.

Momentum strategy investor Validea Momentum and Motley Fool gave the stock high scores based on their methodologies in their guru analysis on the stock for Nasdaq. According to the two companies, Zillow’s relative strength of 93 percent, which means it has outperformed 93 percent of the market in 12 months, is “exceptional” and “attractive.”

When it comes to EPS and sales this quarter compared to last year’s, Z also saw considerable growth with over 45.45 percent increase for EPS, and 69.98 percent for sales. Sales of Zillow reached 224.8 million during the past twelve months.

Zillow, according to Motley Fool, has not been increasing its number of outstanding shares in the past few years. Zillow’s shares outstanding remains at 39 million.

Trulia (NYSE: TRLA)

Trulia closed on Tuesday at $46.79, up by 1.36 percent. According to Street Insider, the highest analyst price target for Trulia is $54 per share.

Motley Fool notes on that TRLA has 37.0 million shares outstanding that have not increased in recent months.

Trulia’s EPS and Sales meanwhile have grown at a rate of 485.71 percent and 127.04 percent respectively. Sales within 12 months have reached $174.2 million.

The company is also showing an uptrend in weekly relative strength during the past four months, according to Validea. Trulia’s debt/equity ratio meanwhile sits at an impressive 0.61 percent, according to Validea.


On the other end of the spectrum is RealBiz Media Group, Inc., a micro cap with a huge upside potential due to its disruptive video innovations. The real estate digital company is known for its proprietary video marketing platforms. One of the company’s platform, Nestbuilder Agent, serve home to over 1.6 million listings.

RealBiz is trending lower in terms of Nasdaq guru ratings at 40 percent, but individual factors point towards a buy rating for the stock. For example, contrarian investor David Derman stated on his July 2 analysis that the company’s EPS have increased for the last two quarters to -0.03 from -0.02.

Motley Fool, Derman, and price-to-sales investor Kenneth Fisher also noted the company’s debt-to-equity ratio at 15.30 percent as one of its strengths. Derman said the industry average for debt/equity is 146.82 percent.

The company reached its inflection point this year, Goldman Small Cap Research, one of the companies that initiated coverage on this stock, noted. Goldman Small Cap Research gave the company a speculative “buy” rating due to RealBiz’s rapidly growing customer base and series of new products.

Move, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOVE), one-third of the “big three” online real estate firms, didn’t make it to the list because most of its analyst ratings did not exceed past 50 percent, even averaging lower than 30 percent, according to NASDAQ data. Move has also lost a few of its clients (MSN and AOL Real Estate) to Zillow in recent months.

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