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Three off –the-beaten-path sites in Paris

The City of Lights draws millions of visitors each year in a pilgrimage to the top of the Eiffel Tower or the famous halls of the Louvre, but there are many other interesting, relatively unknown museums and sites that are definitely worth a visit and add personality to this charming French city.

Upward perspective of the Eiffel Tower.
Leslee Haralson
Upward perspective of the Eiffel Tower
Leslee Haralson

1. The Gourmet Chocolate Museum in Paris outlines the history of chocolate covering a period of around 4,000 years. Part of the tour includes an entertaining chocolate making demonstration and samples of their chocolates. At the end of the tour, guests have the opportunity to choose from six varieties of cocoa cubes on a stick to be stirred into a cup of hot milk making delicious, instant hot chocolate.

2. The Museum of Music is next to the Paris Conservatory of Music and has an outstanding collection of musical instruments in nearly every instrument family dating back hundreds of years. The building is several floors high with hundreds, if not thousands of instruments some played by famous musicians and composers. Visitors are given an audio guide and are free to wander at their own pace.

3. The Fragonard Perfume Factory has been producing perfumes and perfume products since 1926. Visitors are able to walk in from off the street and receive a guided tour of the upstairs building. The guide explains traditional techniques in perfumery including the qualifications of a professional perfumer and presents the exhibits of vintage perfume bottles and perfume related items. Tours end in the gift shop where Fragonard perfumes are available at a discounted rate.

It’s hard to go wrong when vacationing in Paris, but it is delightful to throw in something different for a new perspective on the City of Lights.

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