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Three of Clubs - Zip code teleportation in hollywood.

Three of Clubs Exterior
Three of Clubs Exterior

This nondescript building seamlessly melds into it's hyper-shady locale near Vine and Santa Monica Blvd. Leaving it to be a near impossible stumble upon. However, inside it seems you have been immediately relocated to the west-side. From the clientele to the decor, it's definitely not from this zip code!
As a fair warning, it's dark, extraordinarily dark, inter-galactic dark. No exaggeration! I arrived at 9:pm and did the usual door guy security bit, took three steps inside and, Pow. The black abyss. After 5 or so minutes (what seemed like an hour) my eyes adjusted and I realized just what I had unknowingly encountered.
Immediately, I thought, nice. I didn't even have to drive across town!
The Three of Clubs is a famous old martini lounge, it starred in the movie 'Swingers' and actually, has it's celeb. draw down pat. Not that I care, but some folks dig that kinda hollywood thing. I just live here because I love LA, and the weather. Maybe it is sort of cool? I dunno, after 20 years in hollywood, I just seem to have blinders on, selfishly caring only for my Seinfeld box set and a temporary retreat from the onslaught of humanity outside my door. Then it's out into the great mosh pit to review more bars for the examiner.
And this one was a real surprise.
I need you people to listen to me. Go experience the vortex that is the Three of Clubs and escape into another world.
Check their stocked calendar for the happenings. The Three of Clubs is home to everything from acoustic acts, bands, comedy, D.J.'s, and LA's longest running weekly burlesque show.  It really is a warm friendly place, where the circus outside seems like it's a million miles away!
No doubt, this will prove to be your new favorite refuge.
Please visit:

1123 Vine Street
Hollywood CA. 90038


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