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Three nuns adopt senior pit bull from New York animal care center

Happy adoption day for Remy
Happy adoption day for Remy
Hi Tor Animal Care Center

Call it an answered prayer or divine intervention...whatever phrase you choose, for a senior pit bull named "Remy," an adoption last weekend by three nuns is truly a blessing, reported Thursday's Hudson News.

For months, the nine-year-old "elder bull" waited for someone to adopt her at the Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, N.Y.

Given Remy's age and her breed, her odds of being chosen to leave the shelter were slim.

Slim odds are exactly what three nuns from Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine were looking for when they decided to bring a new companion home.

When the nuns saw Remy's graying muzzle and soulful eyes, they knew that she was "the one."

Remy seemed to know that the women were meant for her as well.

On Jan. 19, the shelter staff announced the wonderful news to their Facebook followers:

Did you ever hear of Divine Intervention? Remy has. Our sweet, senior pup was adopted today not just by one Nun but by three! It is so moving how the Sisters embraced Remy and promised her Heaven on Earth! We certainly believe she will have the best life has to offer. Congratulations to Remy and her new family.

Remy may not have many years remaining in her life, but the time she does have will be spent in the company of three compassionate ladies who want nothing more than to provide her with love and comfort.

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