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Three new Tales games revealed, Tales of Graces hitting PS3, PS3 gains exclusive Tales title

Tales of Graces
Tales of Graces
Namco Bandai

In the latest issue of Jump, they reveal three new Tales titles and that former Wii-exclusive, Tales of Graces, will be hitting the PS3 later this year in Japan. Aside from the surprise announcement of Tales of Graces going to the PS3, another new Tales title will be hitting the PS3 in the future, though no timetable was revealed or title, and a new Radiant Mythology title will be coming to the PSP in 2011.

Of the three game announcements, the Tales of Graces is the biggest. With no American release date planned for the Wii version, perhaps this PS3 version will sell well enough that Namco will consider bringing over the PS3 version, though they never brought Tales of Vesperia PS3 over.

Via NeoGAF


  • christian 4 years ago

    why didn´t they bring it to the united states?

  • ristar 4 years ago

    Namco, you ignorant cockwads. Can't you see that people in the West will pay for these games? I would buy Tales of Vesperia on the PS3 3 times just to support it!

  • layla 4 years ago

    its so annoying why cant they just port Tales of Vesperia :(

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