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Three Muskegon residents pay it forward to the area homeless

The movie 'Pay It Forward' became an inspiration for many people over the years. In the city of Muskegon, Michigan, three residents stepped up to the plate by taking it to heart.

Residents Amy Seewald, Justin Vos, and Christina Cooper decided after talking to an area homeless guy known as "Red", that it would be kind of them to leave blankets in the known areas of the homeless.

Yesterday afternoon, Red appeared to one of the residents homes and asked for some money if he was to shovel the snow. The woman had no money, but decided to cook for the man and allow him some comfort while he got warm. She said that he looked like he was freezing to death. After talking to the man, she found out that the local homeless shelters were too full, so they were forced to turn people away. When asked where he slept, Red answered, "Under the Muskegon Ave. bridge."

This struck a nerve to the resident, so after some careful consideration the three friends got together and purchased a total of five blankets and some energy bars. The three of them went to the local bridge and left the blankets and food underneath the bridge, where it was obvious that the people had been residing.

"I just hope that they were able to get the blankets before it was too late", Vos said as he was considering the life of the homeless.

"It's a shame that any person in this country has to be homeless. We are so focused on helping those outside of the country, that we forget those in our own backyard." Seewald claimed dismally.

The three came together to fill a need, to pay it forward so-to-speak. They are trying to find a way to do a blanket drive for the cold and homeless people in this state.

If anyone has any information, comments, or ideas please feel free to comment below.


  • Davis 5 years ago

    I must say this is so true and a fact that we forget our own here in USA that are suffering or ill even homeless. My mom always taught us valve of giving from the heart. we always give our clothes that are while taking care of to the salvation army.

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