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Three multiple fatal shootings kill six, including police officer Vu Pham, in one week

The past week has seen six people killed in three separate shooting incidents in Ontario and Alberta.

Constable Vu Pham, Ontario Provincial Police

On Monday, March 8, Ontario Provincial Police Constable Vu Pham died after being shot while getting out of his police cruiser. Another man, Fred Preston, 70, died in hospital on Thursday, March 11.  Preston had been charged with the first degree murder of Pham, and with the attempted murder of a second police officer.

Thousands of police were reported to have attended Pham's funeral in Wingham, Ontario on Friday, March 12.

OPP News Release of March 10, 2010, "Charges laid in murder of OPP officer" story, March 12, 2010, "Slain officer's wife feared she'd be at his funeral"

Shooting at Great West Chrysler, Edmonton

On Friday, March 12 in Edmonton, Alberta, a shooting was reported at the Great West Chrysler dealership in the west end of the city.  The police found three injured men there, one with life-threatening injuries.  Two of the men were dead, including one whom the police media release says investigators believe to be the suspect in the shooting. story, March 12, 2010, "Shooting at Edmonton car dealership kills 2"

Edmonton Police Service media release, March 12, 2010, "Police investigating shooting, two deaths at west-end car dealership"

Three people shot near Belleville, Ontario

Also on Friday, March 12, in a small town south of Belleville, Ontario, the O.P.P. arrested a man after three people were discovered shot in a home.   Two are dead, the third in hospital. story, March 12, 2010, "Teen arrested after 2 killed in Ont. home"

O.P.P. Prince Edward County media release, March 12, 2010, "OPP Investigate Shooting"

The CBC stories have hundreds of comments, many discussing gun control.




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