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Three most serious penile problems that may affect sexual health

penile problems that may affect sexual health
penile problems that may affect sexual health

There are various types of medical issues that can affect a man’s sexual health. Three of the most serious penis problems include bending or curving while having an erection, frequent infections, and a difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction). Here we take a closer look at these health conditions that not only adversely impact a man’s health but also lead to sexual problems.

One: Bending or Curving with an Erection

It is not uncommon for the penis to curve to either the left or the right when it is in its non-erect state. However, an abnormal bending or curvature when an erection is occurring is a health issue called Peyronie’s disease.

In those with Peyronie’s disease (pronounced pa-ro-NEEZ), fibrous scar tissue forms inside the penis and leads to an unnatural curvature of the penis. This brings about painful erections. The discomfort of it can make it problematic to get or sustain an erection. Erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronie’s disease can lead to anxiety and stress when the individual is unable to perform in the bedroom. The severity of the bend or curvature can make having sex impossible.

While this disease is not common, it is most likely to occur in males ages 40 to 60 years and older. When it does occur, the result is usually due to a fracture of the penis, such as an injury that occurred during intercourse. Those who have undergone surgery or radiation treatment for prostate cancer are at a higher risk of developing it.

Two- Frequent Infections

Frequent infections are a problem for some boys and men. Yeast infections do not just happen to women. Penile yeast infections can occur. It is not uncommon for a man to develop a yeast infection and pass it back and forth to his partner before he realizes that he has a problem. This type of infection can show itself as white patches on the penis and a reddish rash.

Yeast infections are sometimes thought of as sexually transmitted diseases because they can be passed from one partner to another during sexual intercourse (as mentioned above). Prolonged antibiotic use can lead to yeast infections. Males who have diabetes are more prone to yeast infections related to the elevated level of sugar in their urine.

There is another type of infection that men can develop called balanitis. This is an inflammation of the penis that has a foul discharge and pain as its symptoms. The head of the penis may become swollen as can the foreskin (in men who are uncircumcised).

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) can affect males and can lead to painful urination. This type of infection can be serious if not treated as it can travel from the bladder into the kidneys. Some men are more likely to contract these types of infections than others.

Three- Difficulty Achieving or Maintaining an Erection

One of the most serious penis problems to affect sexual health is erectile dysfunction (ED). It can be very distressing not to be able to achieve an erection and/or to have a problem maintaining one. It is not just a health problem but a personal problem that can adversely affect relationships. Many men are too embarrassed to see their doctors for a proper diagnosis. Suffering in silence will not only affect the intimacy you have with a significant other, but can also lead to a loss of self-esteem and a tremendous amount of anxiety and unhappiness.

An erection occurs when blood floods the penis and is contained within it. In most men, an erection takes place when they are sexually aroused. Signals are sent from the brain to nerves located in the penis. For an erection to take place as nature intended, the brain and the heart have to work in synchronicity. The brain transmits the correct signal and the heart pumps an abundant supply of blood to the organ.

Erectile dysfunction has either a physiological (physical) cause or a psychological one. The most common causes of impotency include diabetes, alcohol consumption, smoking and drugs, side effects from various medications, obesity, and other types of diseases (such as heart disease, nerve disorders or multiple sclerosis). Mental health problems such as anxiety disorder and depression may also be to blame for impotency.


Males can develop any number of problems with regards to their penis. Bending or curving with an erection is known as Peyronie’s disease. It tends to be more of a problem with middle aged men and is caused by a fracturing of a man’s member. Frequent infections such as yeast infections and balanitis will get worse if they are not diagnosed as soon as symptoms appear. Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition that can have any number of underlying causes. When a man is suffering from impotency, he should see his doctor right away for treatment.

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