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Three more ways to differentiate red

As I've noted before, red often is a problem child in the color pie (note I had the restraint not to say "redheaded stepchild") because it has historically had access to a comparatively small field of effects. Earlier this month I talked about ways to expand red's arsenal, and there are more ways still than that. Here are a few such effects red deserves:

Destroying nonflyers. There is much made of how red's creature removal should always be through burn, and there's something to that, but regardless of how much of a core set pie violation Fleshpulper Giant was, there's something to the notion of red getting a mirror of green's destroy-flyers effect, much like they respectively get anti-ground and anti-air damage. I have seen excellent flavor justifications for this, like a Dragon swooping down and obliterating someone in one chomp, or a massive pit to the plane's core opening up beneath some poor bastard.

Life total switching. Last time I talked about temporary lifegain, enough to save your skin for a few turns before letting you die from any lethal damage you may have taken when it goes poof. If red is to get lifegain, why not let it have the kind that's also basically burn? Life total switching has been in white, blue, and black, so it's hardly got a fixed place in the color pie, and red does like to take what it wants by force and to switch other things (controllers between two permanents, power and toughness)...

Fragile defenders. All colors get defenders. Why not differentiate red's by making more of them high power but low toughness - scary but fragile roadblocks to buy a little time but to leave opponents without beaters if they attack into them? This can also get made alongside lose-defender effects in red for silly Limited beatdown synergy.

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