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Three more pit bull maulings in the U.S. A growing and dangerous breed

The two latest pit bull maulings in the U.S. happened within day of each other, reopening a dialogue that is dominated by those who favor keeping a dangerous dog breed as house pets. The first mauling happened on March 31 in Texas, where a woman and a toddler were attacked. The second case also happened on March 31 in Texas when an 85-year-old woman was mauled in her home. According to an April 1 ABC News 10 report, a San Diego patrol officer killed three of the dogs after they charged at him on Tuesday.

Restrained American Pit Bull
Tatiana Sapateiro Wikimedia Commons

The San Diego shooting came after the the dogs attacked three people who were walking in the Bay Terraces-area. League City, Texas police shot a dog while it was in the process of mauling the child, and the mother was trying to fight it off. Eight dogs were found on the Kaufman City, Texas property after Dorothy Hamilton, 85, was found dead.

Dorothy Hamilton wanted the dogs removed from her Kaufman,Texas home, and the son who owned them knew it. According to an April 2 NBC News report, two of the son’s eight dogs lived inside the house.

An April 1 Reuters report said that the League City, Texas mauling happened while the toddler’s mother was keeping the dog for her boyfriend.

In San Diego, no one knows where the three pit bulls came from or who owns them.

Strangely, reality television inadvertently revealed reality. Many pit bull owners are incompetent to own or manage those dogs as house pets, yet they stubbornly live at risk and in denial. The Bravo Network broadcast two examples of disasters waiting to happen.

Kim Richards, co-star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” was clearly incompetent to manage her dog. The dog ended up in an obedience school after controversy about the trainer, not the dog as a threat.

In “Flipping Out”, star Jeff Lewis attempted, but failed to convince his 80-something grandmother to get rid of her out-of-control pit bull puppy. This was after a professional trainer warned that the dog was too active and was inappropriate for her home.

While pit bull advocates remain in mental suspended animation, stubbornly dominating the dialogue and blaming victims, the nation is schizophrenic. Some communities ban, then allow the dogs while others allow the numbers to get out of control. Some owners are jailed while others are not even charged with crimes.

A March 28 Green Bay Press Gazette article sums up the issue from a victim’s perspective. After his toddler was killed by two pit bulls in East Troy, Wisconsin, Jeff Borchardt said,

“Everything is telling us these animals are safe if you raise them right. My son’s dead because of a lie, because of a myth. My life will never be the same.”

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